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  • Why I Volunteer: Paola

    Why I Volunteer: Paola

    This is the first year I’m volunteering for The Mighty Pens. Some of the things I’m passionate about are books and writing, and I considered this the perfect opportunity to do something related to them and also to help people out. I thought it would be great having the chance to work alongside incredible writers…

  • Why I volunteer: Sarah

    Why I volunteer: Sarah

    Volunteering is a big word. After all, it’s got thirteen letters, and even bigger connotations.  When people think of volunteering, often, they think of giving something up—their time, their resources, their energy. Once, I thought that too. But the thing about volunteering for the Mighty Pens is that it doesn’t feel that way. In my…

  • Why I volunteer: Shawnee

    Why I volunteer: Shawnee

    First in a series of different volunteers talking about why they want to help The Mighty Pens!