How to set up your fundraising page!

Are you ready to set up your fundraising page for We Need Diverse Books and the Mighty Pens? Then you’ve come to the right place.

It’s an easy process with just a few steps…and then you’re ready to go!

First: please remember that no money raised before November 1, 2023 will count toward fundraising prizes. This is to keep the “playing field” fair.

Second: please remember that WNDB must approve your fundraising page before it will go live. This is to protect their platform and keep us all safe as we raise money during NaNoWriMo. The team at WNDB is on-call to approve us quickly, but it might take a few hours. So be ready, just in case!

Now onto the steps!

Step 1: Navigate first to this page, and you will see two buttons. Click on the purple button labeled “Start Fundraising.”

A screenshot of the fundraising page, showing the WNDB/Mighty Pens logo + two buttons: "Start Fundraising" and "Donate"

Step 2: Follow the series of prompts, filling out each form as you go.

The prompts in the fundraising creation: Welcome, Create Account, Personalize Account, Tell Your Story, and Review.

Step 3: You can either create a new account or use your Facebook account to log in.

Step 4: The next prompts allow you to personalize your account as much (or as little) as you would like! You can upload a photo and then customize your dedicated fundraising page. At this point, you will also set your fundraising financial goal (this can always be changed later!).

A screen shot of the Tell Your Story page, where you can set your fundraising goal, write a headline for your page, and write a secondary headline.

Note: sometimes it can take a little bit to upload your image, but don’t worry! You can always change it after your account is made, if you’re unhappy with it or get impatient. 😉

Step 5: Submit your page for review! As mentioned above, this step is to protect WNDB, and it shouldn’t take long at all. They are expecting us to be signing up en masse, so they will be ready to approve!

Give it a few hours, and if you haven’t yet been approved, feel free to email us ( and we can check for you!

Step 6 (optional): If you’re unhappy with anything on your account, then navigate to your account on the top left of the page. On your account page, you can 1) update your photo and personal information under Settings, or 2) edit your fundraising page by choosing “View Fundraiser” on the main account page.

Once at your dedicating fundraising page, to make changes, click “Edit page” on the top right.

A screenshot of Susan's fundraising page showing the links to "Edit Page" on the top left and then "My Account" and "Log Out" on the top right.

And there you have it! After your page is approved, your fundraiser will be ALL READY TO GO for November 1st! The more we write, the more we raise! 💪





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