Prize Donor: Catherine Bakewell

A lot of YA fantasy is a little dark, and we like it that way! But if you want some lighter-hearted entertainment, allow me to introduce you to “cottagecore.” Catherine Bakewell’s YA debut, Flowerheart, takes place in a pastoral world where magicians brew potions to help people—unless they’re breaking the law. Don’t get me wrong—there are still stakes! But you’ll also find a magical house, tea time, exploration of shyness and anxiety, and lots of pining. If this sounds like your cup of tea, you are in luck! Catherine has donated a one-of-a-kind doodled in, annotated, and signed edition of Flowerheart. This is a Tier 3 fundraising prize, eligible to be snagged by participants who have raised $250 or more!

Catherine Bakewell writes fairy tales for anyone with big feelings. She currently lives in St. Louis, but she misses her time in Spain and in France, where she romped through gardens, ate pastries, and worked on her novels. You can also find her posting art and loveliness on Instagram.

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