Prize Donor: Erin Bowman

Mighty Pens participants are eligible to win a number of fantastic prizes generously donated by authors and industry professionals, based on the word counts they hit during NaNoWriMo.

Author Erin Bowman, acclaimed author of the westerns Vengeance Road and Retribution Rails, the Taken trilogy, the Edgar Award-nominated Contagion duology, The Girl and the Witch’s Garden, Dustborn, and more, has donated a free pass (a $295 value) to her e-course Plotting with Revelations, a digital course for writers seeking to improve the emotional core of their story by helping them map out their hero’s character arc. This is a Tier 3 prize.

Plotting with Revelations is for writers of any genre and age group. There are three units, and the course is self-guided. Writers receive immediate access to the content, which never expires, and will also have access to the course’s private Discord server.

For a chance to win this amazing prize, sign up to become a member of the Mighty Pens today, and let’s fight book bans together!

You can learn more about Erin at her website, or find her on Twitter/X @erin_bowman or on Instagram @heyerin.





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