Prize Donor: Jamie Krakover

Jamie has donated a signed copy of her novel TRACKER220, shipping only in the US; it’s a Tier 2 ($100 raised) prize! Check out all our prizes here. Did you find your way here without any prior information about the Mighty Pens, how to win said prizes, or why we’re writing NaNo this year? For that last one, the answer is—We Need Diverse Books. For everything else, learn more about us here… and then sign up to join us, raise money to fight book banning, and win sweet prizes like TRACKER220.

About the book: 

When everyone has a brain-interfacing tracking chip, one glitch threatens the entire network. Kaya Weiss is that glitch.

Through thoughts and blinks, Kaya can access anyone or anything on the tracker network. But the authorities monitor everything-where Kaya goes, who she talks to, and what she searches. And without the ability to turn it off, Kaya and her family can’t observe a tech-free Shabbat. To fix the glitch, the authorities slice into her skull to reset her tracker, leaving Kaya to question more than the system’s invasion into her faith.

Kaya won’t be a lab rat again.

Evading the authorities requires some serious tech skills the rogue underground Ghosts can offer. But Kaya’s not sure she can trust them-even if their top tech wiz, Bailen, has interest in her running deeper than her bum tracker. Kaya must decide if gaining freedom is worth losing her tracker’s infinite knowledge-because to take down the tracker network, she must betray the only tech she’s ever known.

About Jamie:

Growing up with a fascination for space and things that fly, Jamie Krakover turned that love into a career as an Aerospace Engineer. Combining her natural enthusiasm for Science Fiction and her love of reading, she now spends a lot of her time writing Middle Grade and Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Jamie lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her husband, Andrew, their son, and their dog, Rogue (named after the X-men not Star Wars although she loves both). When she isn’t being a Rocket Scientist by day and a writer by night, she can be found catching up on the latest sci fi TV, books, and movies as well as spending time on Twitter (maybe a little too much time :-P). And no, the rocket science jokes never get old!

For more information, you can find Jamie on Blogspot, Twitter/X: @Rockets2Writing and Instagram: @jamiekrakover





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