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You’ve got PRIZES!!

Hey, hey you! You amazing fundraiser it’s time to celebrate! Today, November 15th, is the first day you can claim prizes for fundraising. 🎉 

Starting at noon EST, you will be able to go to: and the “Claim a Prize” button will go live right at the top of the hour! (See below to know what to look for!)

You can go check this page out right now, to look through the amazing prizes that have been donated, and figure out what tier you are, what tier you’d like to be, and plan/plot/scheme your next steps like the amazing author you are!

To be able to claim a prize, you need two things: to have hit the proper tier in fundraising for We Need Diverse Books AND to have donated at least $10 to NaNoWriMo. The former we see on the fundraising page you linked to in your Google form, the latter we can see as a halo on your NaNo page (or in the receipt you emailed/dm’d us!).

Our system this year is tiered:

Tier 1 means you need to have raised at least $50.

Tier 2 means you’ve raised at least $100

Tier 3 means you’ve raised at least $250

And Tier 4 is an amazing $500 or more raised!

Each person may claim one prize from the prize list starting November 15th. However, you have until November 30th, so if you’re expecting to hit a higher tier this month, you might want to wait until that point to claim a prize. Please keep in mind that the prize you’re eyeing could be claimed in the meantime, though.

If there are leftover prizes at the end of the month, we will be opening up claims for a second prize. More information to be released then if applicable for additional entries to claim.

You will receive a confirmation email that your prize has been secured. Mighty Pens administrators will be triple-checking that you have both the $10+ donated to NaNo, and the correct tier level needed to collect your prize. If it turns out you have not yet donated to NaNoWriMo or hit the proper fundraising level, we will be in touch.

If someone snags a prize as you’re filling out the form, you will get an email saying that you have not received the prize. At that point, you are able to go back into the form and claim a different prize.

If you receive no email after filling out the form, please make sure to email us or tag us on Discord! We will look into it!

Congratulations for making it half way, we are SO GLAD that you’ve been able to join us this year and we look forward to cranking out more words and raising more dollars to fight book bans with you!






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